Having just been on a long weekend in one of our favourite cities, we’re home and eager to share one of our favourite places to eat good food. Our main priority for the weekend was seeing Hamilton, but after that? Food! First stop, the famous Borough Market in London.

Food, glorious food

Situated just past London Bridge and the river, Borough Market is easily reachable from which ever part of the city you’re staying in. The nearest tube station is London Bridge, and a plethora of buses also stop nearby. It’s open from Monday to Saturday, but the full market only runs from Wednesday to Saturday – the best days to visit in our opinion!

Borough Market

Bread Ahead Bakery

Gujarati Rasoi

London Bridge Station

  • Borough Market
  • Bread Ahead Bakery
  • Gujarati Rasoi
  • London Bridge Station

Hustle and bustle

Visiting on a Friday is a surefire way to end up in a sea of people. We won’t lie, it was busy, but bearable. It all adds to the atmosphere though – everyone wandering around, eyeing up the food, and most importantly, enjoying it. We arrived at about 3pm and found it manageable, and there was still plenty of food to go at.

After spotting a bustling burger stall, Adam immediately knew what he was having for lunch. A lamb and mint burger hit the spot, and he gave it the full seal of approval. We sadly can’t remember the stall name, but it’s situated inside the market – you’ll know it when you reach it, they’re selling burgers like nobody’s business!

Gujarati Rasoi

There’s a wealth of street food to choose from at Borough Market, and it’s all incredibly tempting. After much deliberation and a couple of loops around the stalls, I went for some vegan thali. Gujarati Rasoi were serving up a selection of tasty curries and they immediately caught my eye.

There were three different varieties  – a lentil based dahl, a potato curry, and some amazing cauliflower concoction, all piled into a cardboard box and served over rice.  With some coriander and a dollop of tamarind sauce to finish, this is one dish I’d definitely order again! We also shared a crispy onion bhaji, but that was devoured too quickly to be in any photographs. I’d highly recommend this stall, vegan or non vegan – it’s bloody good!

What’s for dessert?

Of course, we couldn’t leave without having a sweet treat. Before arriving we had our hearts set on sampling goodies from the Bread Ahead bakery. It’s based in Borough Market and has several stalls not only in the market itself, but over other parts of London, too. They also run a bread making school – we’d love to take part! The honeycomb donuts were coming home with us from the moment we saw them, and they were every bit as good as they look. All we have to say is, take your pocket money and buy as many of these babies as possible!

Even if you don’t decide to eat at Borough Market, it’s worth a walk around. The hustle and bustle and the whole market atmosphere really lend themselves well to a morning or afternoon out. There’s plenty of tasty food to try and you won’t be going home hungry, that we can be sure of!

Have you been to Borough Market? What was the best thing you ate there? Leave us a comment or find us over on twitter to let us know!

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