A love letter to New York

Five years ago, my immediate family travelled to New York for the first time. Celebrating my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary, we had six days of intense heat, non stop walking, and endless sights to see along the way. I took my film camera with me to try and capture it as best I could, and a mere five years later, I finally had the film developed. Here are the results!

There’s something so beautiful about the mix of old tenement buildings and the tall, shiny skyscrapers looming down over you. You can’t help but look up and shoot your lens toward the sky. 

I love taking photographs of my family and friends on holiday, as do most. However, on film I like to skew toward the emptiness, the buildings, people going about their every day lives. There is the choosing of the shot, setting up the frame, not wasting your roll of film. I love to be able to flip between using my phone for candid shots, and savouring my camera for the more special moments.

There’s a line from a musical (Hamilton, you may have heard of it) which goes like this: “America/you great unfinished symphony\you sent for me.” It runs through my mind as I write this blog post. In some way too, I think it runs through these photographs. I can’t wait to get some big prints framed to go in my flat, to remind me of those city days every single day.

I revisited New York in 2015, and I’ll hopefully return again soon, camera in hand, ready to fall in love all over again.

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