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We’re missing Vietnam more as every day passes, but one thing that can temper our sadness is a cup of authentic, delicious Vietnamese Coffee. We want to share this slice of their amazing coffee culture, so we’ve put together this simple step-by-step guide to make your own.

Five simple ingredients

This is quite simple to make, with only a few ingredients required. You will need:

  • Trung Nguyen ground coffee. Ideally their #2 Robusta blend, but any dark blends will work. If you’re living in the US, Cafe Du Monde is a popular, more readily available alternative.
  • A Vietnamese Phin Coffee Filter. You can easily buy this online, or if you’re lucky you might spot one in an Asian supermarket.
  • Condensed Milk. This is the secret ingredient.
  • A cup. Use a glass cup for extra theatre.
  • Boiling water.

Vietnamese Coffee in a 3 Step Process

Step One: Pour 2-3 tsp of condensed milk into your cup, depending on how sweet you would prefer your coffee to be. Beware though, just a small amount adds a lot of sweetness.

Step Two: Put one heaping tsp of coffee into the phin. Shake it a little so the grounds are flat and even, then insert the inner filter and press down a little. We want the grounds to be compressed just a little in there.

Step Three: Set the phin on the cup and add just a little water. Wait for the water to absorb and make the grounds swell. Then add more water, enough to fill your phin 1cm from the top.

Final Touches

Once the dripping slows down and stops it’s time to take the phin off – this part can be messy. We’ve observed the locals doing it quite cleverly however, so we can share the secret! Remove the lid of the phin and set it down upside-down. Then, lift the phin from the bottom and quickly place it into the lid, catching any extra drips. Just be careful here, the metal phin can get super hot.

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Voila! All you have to do now is stir, and your cup of Vietnamese Coffee is complete. If you’re using a glass cup, enjoy the added drama of mixing the separated layers of milk and coffee into one cup of milky brown goodness.

Whether you’ve experienced the real thing before or not, this is too good to pass up! If like us, you’re craving everything Vietnam, check out our other articles from that wonderful destination.

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