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Hello! Cases Packed is on the comeback, and we’ve got a heap of travel content ready to share. Keep your eyes peeled, because our suitcases have indeed been repacked, and we’re ready to unleash it all onto your screens.

Where were we?

First, we’ve a little explaining to do. Around a year and a half ago, we both decided to go our separate ways. But there’s no need to worry! We stayed friends, and we’re so fond of all the travel memories that we share together. Our shared love of travel still remains, and we wanted to carry on telling stories from our adventures, so, here we are!

These days, you’ll find Adam based in Leeds, and Daisy in Manchester – so there’ll be plenty of cool content from these two northern powerhouses to look forward to.

What’s the deal?

Adam relaunched the site at the start of September, and we’re itching to get writing again. We can’t wait to share a plethora of new blog posts, tweets, and instagram posts with you. But, there’s a little something else, we want to add a new twist to it.

Curating a blog based around not just our own travels was something we’d discussed in the past. Now, we have the chance to finally put our ideas to the test! Cases Packed is still going to be a platform for travel, food and photography from around the globe, however, we want to open up the floor.

We want to invite guest contributors to join the party, and to share with us the things they love about this planet that we’re inhabiting. Our website will be a one stop shop for lots of travel photography (the more food porn, the merrier!), tips, and tricks to make your holiday destination work for you.

Welcome back!

Hooray! We’re so excited to be back in the game. It’s still us, of course, but it’s also going to be YOU too! Cases Packed is entering a new stage of its life, and we’re so bloody excited for it. Please keep up to date with us on any and all of our social media platforms, and feel free to pitch us your blog post ideas – we want to see your most creative!

In the mean time, you can catch up with some old blog posts to tide you over. We recommend this little guide to Seoul, and a look into the best food in Vietnam. Happy reading!

Safe travels, as always!

Daisy and Adam.

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